Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Who is this person I see in the mirror? He looks tired.

I have been complaining a lot in the last few years about chronic fatigue. Everyday I wake and feel no more rested than the night before. I look at my diet, not great. I look at my exercise regime, non-existent. I look at my stress level, high. I look at my happiness, not always.

All this are possible triggers for how I feel. I need to get over the hump. It is one of those classic catch 22 things. I need the energy to go out and exercise but the lack of exercise is the reason for my tiredness. I need to cook more and take lunches more. But I rarely feel like cooking. I need to be more happy and less stressed, but it is the lack of exercise that's got me down.

It is so difficult, but that is no cop-out. I am going to do it. Starting now.

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